Lemon Pie Strain Review

Lemon Pie seeds Review

Lemon pie strain Review

Lemon Pie strain is a hybrid strain that boasts a high THC content of 22%. Its genetics originate from Skunk #1 and Amnesia Haze and are primarily known for producing a heady, creative high. TO SALESPAGE

This strain also promotes physical activity and relaxation. This is an excellent choice for a recreational smoker looking for an uplifting, creative high. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned veteran, this strain can help you make the most of your experience.

Amnesia Lemon Pie

If you’re looking for a new strain to try, you’ve probably come across Amnesia Lemon Pie, a hybrid of Amnesia Haze and Skunk #1. This cannabis variety is known for its euphoric head high, fruity aroma, and positive attitude. It also helps promote relaxation and physical activity.

Its terpene content is moderate to high and the THC level varies from eighteen to twenty-two percent. Lemon Pie has a strong citrus aroma derived from the terpenes in its flowers. The terpene profile is rich in citrus and lemony aromas, as well as hints of diesel, dank skunk, and fruity herbs.

Amnesia Lemon Pie is a 60% Indica dominant strain that comes from Afghanistan. It has a slight sativa component as well. It is ideal for beginners, but it can also be good for intermediate growers. It will not send you into a vegetative state and is ideal for those who are looking for a strain that will help them stay balanced.

Amnesia Lemon Pie Fem

Garden of Green’s Amnesia Lemon Pie Fem strain is a 60%-indica strain with a blend of sativa genetics. It produces big, dense, sticky buds and has a sweet, fruity aroma. The cerebral high it produces is typical of sativa strains. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Amnesia Lemon Pie feminized is a great strain to help with stress. It won’t put you in a coma, but it will help you feel more balanced and relaxed. It is a good choice for beginners and slightly more experienced smokers alike.

Amnesia Lemon Pie Fem seeds are easy to grow. It has an incredibly sweet and tangy lemon aroma that is very reminiscent of lemon pie. Its strong lemon flavor has a pronounced, cerebral effect. It grows into a medium-sized marijuana plant with numerous branches full of buds. It is also a very easy strain to grow and produces high-quality buds.

Amnesia Lemon Pie Auto

Amnesia Lemon Pie is a 60% Indica-dominant hybrid from Garden of Green. It requires 63 days from seed to harvest and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. Its skunky, lemon-scented buds have a distinctive, spicy smell and taste.

The Lemon Pie Autoflowering strain provides a powerful euphoric high that will leave you feeling refreshed and reviving. It will also boost your motivation and help you keep an active lifestyle. Lemon Pie produces a massive amount of resin, making it ideal for making lemony hash and concentrates.

Amnesia Lemon Pie is an excellent stress-reliever. It won’t put you into a vegetative state, making it a great strain for newcomers. It can also be a good choice for more experienced users who are looking for a strain that won’t put them into a couchlock. read more

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